Hack The Corporate Ladder - by Robert T. Gofourth

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to move up the corporate ladder with ease and others languish in the pool of workers who can’t seem to get ahead?  Robert T. Gofourth unlocks the mystery of corporate success in this book full of entertaining stories, confessions of his own mistakes and practical tips of what to do to succeed within the corporate environment.
You can let go of any misconception of succeeding through hard work and dedication.  Being recognized for your accomplishments and effortlessly rising to the top of the competitive corporate environment simply will not happen.  Reading this book is like opening up the box where stories of success are hidden.  It is not a motivational book with lots of encouragement and positive thinking.
This book is a pragmatic collection of actual stories based on the author’s experience.  In most cases the name of the person in the story has been changed.  What’s important for you to grasp is these stories represent real life in the corporate world.

You will probably recognize yourself, or people you know, in some of the stories.  At the end of each section is a set of “Do’s and Don’ts” you can use as a checklist in your corporate rise through the ranks.  Near the end of the book, Gofourth summarizes his management philosophy with three super simple tools he finds super effective in managing his team.  He is convinced if you follow the three simple philosophies it will absolutely help you move to the next level quicker.

Robert is a business leader with great passion for developing talent

and high performing teams.  He believes that as a society we must

look beyond the traditional approaches to business and change

the way we think.  We now have five generations in the workforce. 

Each unique with its own set of strengths and challenges. 
Originally from Lake Placid located in south central Florida,

Robert currently lives in Durham, NC and thinks it is a gem of a city. 

After graduating University of Florida, his career has taken him around

the world.  These assignments have given him the opportunity to lead

teams from a variety of different cultures and countries.  
When not working, he enjoys traveling, public speaking and giving back

to community.  Robert sits on several charitable and professional boards. 

He believes that we all must “Pay it Forward”. 

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