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Jay Lucas I Author of American Sunshine

Jay Lucas is the Founder and Chairman of The Lucas Group and Managing Director of LB Equity, as well as formerly a Partner at Bain & Company.
He is a strong supporter of Children of Fallen Patriots, an organization dedicated to helping children who have lost a parent in active military service, while he also actively leads the ‘Newport Sunshine Initiative,’ an effort to revitalize his hometown in New Hampshire.
Jay Lucus's book, American Sunshine, celebrates the power of the human spirit and exudes a vibrant feeling of ‘Can Do’ optimism.
In a readable, fun and quietly convincing way, Jay Lucas distills the core values that lie at the heart of the American experience and charts a positive path for the future.
He encourages each one of us to believe in ourselves, to follow our dreams and to achieve our full potential while at the same time generously sharing.
In short, American Sunshine is a visionary work – providing a timeless guide to a positive future both for our country an…

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